wild flowers & herbs

Wildflowers provide a natural colourful look to your garden.  Many of these plants will seed in abundance helping to create more habitat year on year.


We offer on site advice from a trained horticulturalist when you are browsing our plant range here at the nursery or off site consultation in your garden or sanctuary space.


For small or big projects we can grow larger batches of plants to suit your needs.


Imagine relaxing in your own quiet space listening to bees buzz around the flowers of a Foxglove, birds singing and balancing on a Teasel looking out for a grub to feed on. Or watching the erratic flight of a butterfly looking for nectar on a plant that you provided. What more could you need ? 

Wild teasel or dipsacus fullonum plant i


Lavender plants are available in many different varieties and are great for attracting masses of bees and butterflies especially the Meadow Brown butterfly.


Foxgloves are tall growing native plants that have large tubular flowers that are well loved by bees seeking pollen.


Teasels a stately tall plant which has a cone shaped flower and attracts a wide range of wildlife interest.

ox eye daisies

Ox Eye daisies have lovely white petals with a sunny yellow eye are an excellent wildlife attractor. These in beetles and hover flies both very important insects to have in the garden.

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